8 Sure Ways to Making Your Home More Welcoming & Inviting

Be the Hostess With the Mostest This Holiday Season With These Simple Tips!

The holidays are upon us. It’s the time of the year when we think about cozying up to a fire, enjoying your favorite beverage (cocktails, anyone?), delicious food, and spending quality time with family and friends. If you are expecting company in your home this year, here are some simple things that you can do to make your home feel more welcoming and inviting. Bonus: Some of these tips will make YOU feel more at home as well!

1. Welcome Your Guests… Before They Even Enter Your Door

A white door with a hanging sign that reads "welcome", pine branches, and bells

Make your guests feel welcome as soon as they pull up to your driveway. First, think about accessibility and visibility. If you are expecting guests in the evening, make sure there is adequate lighting so that your guests can walk to your doorstep safely. In the winter, shovel the sidewalk and throw down some salt. Once they get to your doorstep, a fun welcome mat can set the tone and give your guests a place to clear off their shoes before entering. You may also consider adding a wreath to add some seasonal cheer. Inside your entryway, dedicate a place for your guests to sit down and take off their shoes. You should also consider clearing off some space in your closet so that your guests will have room to put their shoes and hang their coats. 

2. Draw Them In

Once your guests are more comfortable, make them feel welcome by visually pulling them into the home. Consider your guests’ first view of your home and pay attention to the furthest point of view from your entryway. Draw your guests’ attention to that point by adding special decor, a pop of color, plants/flowers, or special lighting. By drawing their eye into the home, they will take in more of the space and feel more at home.

3. Clear the Clutter

A simple living room with natural wood elements, a comfortable couch, a plant, and lighting. An example of a simple, welcoming space

A cluttered home will distract your guest from enjoying the spaces and people around them. A simplified home will feel larger and more relaxed. On the same note, make sure that the space does not feel cluttered with large pieces of furniture or other things that may make the home more difficult to navigate (no one wants to step on a Lego, am I right?). 

4. Create Intimate Spaces

Arrange the seating in your home closer together to make it easier for people to relax and gather. Have other stations in the home such as a drink or snack area where people can hang out.

5. Bring in Natural Elements

A photo of a living room with natural wood furniture pieces, hardwood floors, many rugs and pillows, and plants of various sizes. An example of a welcoming space with natural elements.

You may make your home more welcoming by adding natural elements in various parts of your home. Wood or leather furnishing or other accent pieces will bring interest and soothing textures to your home. Don’t forget other natural elements such as plants of various sizes and also fresh flowers. Bringing life into the home makes it feel more comfortable, and certain plants and flowers can add a pleasant scent as well. 

6. Welcome Your Guests With All Their Senses

While we are on the topic of scents, think about making the home more welcoming thru all different senses. Ambient music can help your guests feel more relaxed. Welcome your guests with the smell of delicious food, fragrant flowers, lightly scented candles, or anything else that will make your home smell more inviting. Adding soft textures and textiles such as a soft rug will add coziness to your home. Layering décor elements like pillows and blankets on your sofa or chairs to create a comfortable space your guests will love. Have a few snacks ready for your guest to munch on, or a delicious cocktail for sipping. Your options here are endless! 

7. Make It Personal

A photo of a wall with various framed photos. Example on how to personalize your home with photo collages

Your home should reflect you and your family. Adding style and elements that you love in your home will give guests a better glimpse of who you are and how you live, and invite your guests to know you better when they come to your home. Don’t forget to add photographs of you and your family throughout the home. These are great conversation starters and will also add visual interest to the home. 

8. Anticipate Their Needs

Your guests don’t want to feel like they are intruding by needing to ask for things like toilet paper. Try to anticipate those needs and have these items ready ahead of time. Make sure the bathroom has plenty of toilet paper, hand soap, towels for hand drying, etc. If you are having overnight guests, have the guest bed made with pillows and towels laid out in the room so your guests don’t have to ask for them and watch you scrambling for these items. Have personal hygiene items like shampoo and soap at the ready. If you know your guests well and have extra time, you can add special welcoming touches such as having their favorite beverages or snacks available. Let them know you were thinking of them even before they arrived. 

A photo of a family gathered around a table talking and laughing

While all of the above ideas are great ways to make guests feel more welcome, the best way to welcome your guest into your home is to spend time with them and show that you are actually enjoying the time you have together! At the end of the day, they are here to spend time with you. So forget about perfection and just relax! Your time with your guests and the memories from your gatherings are what they will remember most. 

We hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays with your friends and family. The goal of our articles is to add value by giving tips on how to enjoy your home or providing other real estate advice for those thinking about finding their next dream home.

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